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Money Mastermind Show

Jun 19, 2015

What if you could create an executive summary of your financial plan and put it where it could remind you of your values every single day? That’s what Carl Richard’s, the best-selling author of The Behavior Gap and The One Page Financial Plan, talks about in this week’s episode.

If you’re ready to base your...

Jun 12, 2015

Our experiences shape our relationships with money. When you add another person to the mix, things can become stressful. There are times that, even when you feel you are with your perfect match, that you might not be on the same financial page with your partner.

Managing money as a couple requires openness and...

Jun 5, 2015

We’re told that there are certain financial milestones we’re supposed to reach in order to be successful. Some of the main financial milestones considered “normal” include college, marriage, buying a home, having children and retirement.

Do you have to reach all of those milestones, though? How do you decide...