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Money Mastermind Show

Feb 26, 2016

Are you stuck about what to do with your money? Are you unsure of where to go next? A financial planner might be able to help. 

There's a reason that even financial professionals look to others for an outside opinion. A good financial planner can help you see new things about your finances, and make a plan for...

Feb 19, 2016

Navigating money issues in a relationship can be tricky. How can you accommodate different spending priorities with your partners? How do you discuss your finances, and how can you compromise with your choices?  

Join us as Talaat and Tai McNeeley of His And Her Money join us to provide tips for how to talk about...

Feb 4, 2016

If you're an entrepreneur, the ultimate goal might be to quit your job and do what you love full time.

But when do you know it's time to bail? Steve Chou from My Wife Quit Her Job, Profitable Online Store, and Bumble Bee Linens, has built more than one successful business, and he joins us to talk about how you can...